Thursday, April 24, 2014

Top Car maintenance apps for your smartphone

Top Car maintenance apps for your smartphone

Road Trip (iOS) is probably one of the best mileage and maintenance tracking apps for iOS available. Tracking fill-ups and mileage is super-fast, as is adding maintenance history, expenses, and reminders for future work. The app has a tire log to track summer and winter wear on your tires, and supports other vehicles like boats and motorcycles. You can track as many vehicles as you like, too. The lite version gives you a taste, but the full version will set you back $5 for the iPhone or the iPad (it's not a universal app, so you'll have to buy it twice for both platforms.)

Car Maintenance Reminder (Android) is a free app that will keep track of your fuel efficiency, cost, and mileage, but also gives you a place to track all of the maintenance and repairs you have done to your vehicle. You can add notes, costs, and of course, get notifications and reminders when you should get some work done. The free version tracks one vehicle. If you have more than one, the $3 pro version is for you.

AutoCare (iOS/Android): AutoCare has been around for a while, and does a pretty good job of tracking your vehicle's maintenance history, mileage, repair history, service expenses, and more. You can even use it to remind you when it's time to get something specific done so you won't forget. Plus, it supports multiple vehicles. It'll set you back $4 for iOS users, and $2 for Android users.

Car Minder Plus (iOS) is another good, simple app for tracking your mileage and your vehicle maintenance. You get presets for things like oil filters, air filters, belt inspections, and oil changes, and you can enter in your own maintenance work and expenses to the log to keep track of what you've had done. From there, enter in your service intervals, and the app uses simple red/yellow/green indicators to tell you when it's time to get that work done. The app will cost you $3.

aCar (Android) is free, and one of the most popular Android apps for tracking vehicle maintenance and mileage. Tracking fill-ups and mileage is quick, entering in your maintenance history and expenses is easy, and you can even enter specific notes or information about parts you prefer or that your vehicle requires. The app notifies you based on time and/or mileage when you should have work done, and supports custom notifications. aCar Pro adds in multiple languages, home screen widgets for quick access to data and logging, and connections to other popular car apps and websites, all for $6.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pet Travel Tips for the Car

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe on your next road trip

Start healthy – Make sure your pet is not sick before traveling.  A checkup at the vet can prevent any discomfort on the road.

Plan for restraint – Use a travel crate, pet seat belt, car seat, or other form of barrier to keep your pet safe.  Make sure you familiarize them with the restraint before traveling so that they are comfortable.

Pack enough essentials – Especially food.  Their particular brand of food might not be available or sold at your destination.  Don’t forget water bowls, bedding, leashes, and their favorite toys.

Frequent stops – Don’t go too long between giving your pet exercise and bathroom breaks.  This is also a good time to make sure they stay hydrated.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Driving in Rain

April showers are here, check out these quick tips on how to get to your destination safely.

1) Allow for more travel time - You should drive at a slower pace when roads are wet.

2) Brake earlier - and with less force.  This gives the drivers behind you enough time to slow down.

3) Don't use cruise control - This may cause you to accelerate if you're hydroplaning.

4)  Don't cross running water - The force of the water can be greater than the weight of your vehicle.

5) Keep your headlights on  - but don't use your high beams, those will obscure your view.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Embarrassing driving moments that will make you facepalm (We know you're guilty of #5!)

Nobody's perfect, right?  We all make mistakes, but sometimes those little imperfections can become downright embarrassing!  Here's a list of uh-ohs that have probably happened to all of us at some point.

#1. Leaving your turn signal on. We're talkin' miles after you've made that turn.

#2. Cutting someone off in traffic by accident.  No matter how apologetic your courtesy wave, it will not help you here.

#3. Not realizing the light has turned green!  Don't worry, though. The collective roar of cursing drivers and screaming car horns should rouse you from that daydream pretty quickly.

#4. Messing up while parallel parking.  Repeatedly.  You swear, you do it perfectly every time when there's nobody else in the car!

#5. Getting caught singing, dancing, digging for gold... Avoid the shame and keep these, er, personal habits at home.

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