Thursday, April 3, 2014

Embarrassing driving moments that will make you facepalm (We know you're guilty of #5!)

Nobody's perfect, right?  We all make mistakes, but sometimes those little imperfections can become downright embarrassing!  Here's a list of uh-ohs that have probably happened to all of us at some point.

#1. Leaving your turn signal on. We're talkin' miles after you've made that turn.

#2. Cutting someone off in traffic by accident.  No matter how apologetic your courtesy wave, it will not help you here.

#3. Not realizing the light has turned green!  Don't worry, though. The collective roar of cursing drivers and screaming car horns should rouse you from that daydream pretty quickly.

#4. Messing up while parallel parking.  Repeatedly.  You swear, you do it perfectly every time when there's nobody else in the car!

#5. Getting caught singing, dancing, digging for gold... Avoid the shame and keep these, er, personal habits at home.

How many of these cringe-worthy driving faux pas are YOU guilty of?  Join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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