Thursday, January 30, 2014

Healthy and Energizing Drinks for Morning Commutes

Chai Tea instead of Coffee

Drinking a hot drink in the morning helps your body wake up, but caffeine is not necessarily very healthy because it will dehydrate you and cause you to “crash” once the effects go away. Get a Chai Tea with natural ingredients, like ginger root. That will be healthy and a great sickness fighting drink.

Protein Smoothie

Nothing beats a good refreshing protein smoothie. You can always make that with Almond Milk as opposed to be using traditional milk. If you work out this will definitely work to your advantage and you will not be disappointed. Make sure you consult a trainer if you’re interested in buying the right protein powder.

Herbal Hot Tea

Very simple to make, this is one of the best morning drink to start off the day right. Make sure you buy quality Tea and stay away from the cheap stuff, it makes a difference. We suggest Hibiscus or Green Tea, and if you have a sweet tooth, add a little honey to it.

Vegetable Juice

It’s not for everyone in the sense that you need to like bypassing the sweets in the morning. If you can handle it, that’s the best way to go. A great vegetable juice with some orange juice or even a banana to sweeten it a little bit, will provide you with the best nutrients for the day.

Almond Milk
For all the lactose intolerant people out there, be sure to give this a try, you can now find it at most grocery stores. It has become very popular and it is very healthy. You can even warm it up and use it as Hot Cocoa material! Don’t hesitate to give this a try.

Honey Ginger Lemonade

This will help you stay refreshed and help your tummy pains! It’s simply honey and fresh, peeled ginger added to fresh squeezed lemon juice and water on top of ice. You can add a little mint to freshen it up more.

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